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お誕生日 おめでとう. С Днём рождения!

Женя Давидюк (ダビデュク ジェーニャ)


Anime voice actor

09.06 movie "Evangelion: 2.0" (NERV solid near-based staff)
09.11 movie "Mai Mai Shinko and the thousand years of magic" (actress role)
09.10 TX "Cheburashka Arere" (Rarisuka role) Regular
09.11 TBS "! Nyankoi" ( Russia cat auditors)
09.07 TX "every day mother" (Mischa mom auditors)
10.04 TBS "Qwaser of Stigmata" (actress role)
11.11 TX "Pretty rhythm Aurora Dream" (princess D auditors)
11.11 CBC "last Exile - Silver Sky Fam - "(Wiora role) regular
12.10 MX" Jormungand PERFECT ORDER "(operator role)
! 13.10 MX" Little Busters "(terrorist officers)
! 13.04 movie" Crayon Shin-chan fool filled B-grade gourmet survival !! "
      (Minami role of octopus)
14.10 MX "Kaito Joker" (Lady Doubt role) regular
15.10 MX "Charlotte" (13 episodes)
15.11 movie "Girl & pan tour" (Clara role)

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